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    ○Green Day Demos 23/???

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  5. "People say that was a dark and angry period for me, but what was really happening was that I was sad, really sad."
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    ○Green Day Songs 59/???

    "I’m having trouble trying to sleep
    I’m counting sheep but running out
    As time ticks by
    And still I try”


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    shoutout to people who don’t celebrate christmas and have always felt a little bit left out around this time of year it’s okay i hope you have a good next few days

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  8. duplication:

    Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you

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    facts that cannot be disputed

    • ur cute as heck
    • ur very important
    • ur laugh is really cute oh my god
    • ur a perfect version of yourself

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    my mom’s like why are you awake at 3am and im like why are you so obsessed with me

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    2. Audience: *cheers*
    3. Beethoven: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!
  11. A new place, a new name. I can be remade here.

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  12. It’s a metaphor. [x]

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    it’s really sad when an entire fandom is in total denial over a characters death

    and not even like jokingly but endless 100% serious ‘still alive’ theories


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